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Endorsements for April 23, 2024 Primary Election

Statewide/National Endorsements

President: Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (as part of national AFT endorsement)
US Senate: Robert P. Casey, Jr. 
PA Auditor General: Malcolm Kenyatta
PA Treasurer: Ryan Bizzarro

State Legislature

All members of the PA House are up for reelection. Odd numbered PA Senate seats are up for reelection.

PA State Senate

SD 1: Nikil Saval

PA State House

HD 10: Cassandra (Cass) Green (challenger)
HD 181: Malcolm Kenyatta (incumbent)
HD 188: Rick Krajewski (incumbent)
HD 200: Chris Rabb (incumbent)
HD 201: Andre Carroll (open seat)
Note: Endorsements listed are for candidates who had or anticipated a primary opponent at time of endorsement. A candidate not listed indicates either no challenger in the primary or that no endorsement has been made.

Voting Info

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